BMT DAY +130

This was Avery sad for a moment at the lake yesterday.

She had just woken up after the drive there and was still a bit tired.

But, as you saw in yesterday’s post, she ended up loving the time outdoors. Today, it’s been mostly this.

Her wean dropped again yesterday and the withdrawal symptoms have started early.

She didn’t sleep well last night and has been so sad today.

She’s eating well, she just isn’t feeling it all today.

Her anxiety is heightened. She doesn’t want to be put down. And she is scared to sleep.

Hoping these symptoms improve as fast as they came.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, she’ll have clinic where they’ll do her pneumonia preventive medicine… which makes her nauseous.

Really hoping she feels well again soon. The good days are so good… and the bad days are UGH.

Find more about Avery’s One At A Time campaign here.

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