This silly grin basically represents how our day has been.

Her hemoglobin has continued to hold steady.

It’s dropping a little with each draw, but this is expected with BMT on a normal basis.

We had a slight scare today when the GI Specialist, let’s call him Dr. T from now on, came in and sat down on the couch.

He looked a bit concerned and said he was discouraged by her last dirty diaper.

Papa and I weren’t sure what the concern was because it looked normal.

So we asked if he saw the picture we had ICU take of the diaper. He had not.

As soon as he saw the picture, he was very excited and told us to forget everything he had said previously, Avery is still doing great!

We’re taking picture of every stool diaper to make sure nothing is lost in communication and he can keep a watchful eye on her gut… from the outside.

Otherwise, Avery has continued to return a little bit more to “herself.”

She’s signing “DONE” again, saying, “mama”, pulling up to standing… just progressing so well!

We’re cautiously optimistic, and encouraged each day with her progress.

Oh, and early this evening we made it back to BMT.

We’ve had a great day and it’s been really good for our spirits to see her “doing her thing” again.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen her look this good!

Final note:

Her skin GVHD (graft vs host disease) is a bit flared up today on her face and neck, so we started another topical steroid cream to try to contain it.

Overall though? Our sweet girl had a great day!

Questions about moving? Check last night’s second update.

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