“Endurance is the queen of all virtues.”

― Chrysostom

Knowing how close we are to getting her home makes the days feel a little longer.

Yet not long enough.

It’s a race to make sure she’s meeting her nutrition goals and getting everything done.

Because she is still on supplemental oxygen, the Pulmonary Team did a 2D lung x-ray today to check for any damage or disease.

They didn’t find evidence of either and said her lungs obviously “took a hit” and are still recovering.

Fortunately, because of her young age, her lungs still have several more months of growth and they expect her to make a full recovery.

And, if needed, she can go home on oxygen.

They’ll run one more night of 12 hr TPN tonight and see how she does on feedings tomorrow.

They also started her continuous NG Tube feedings last night and got her up to 15mL.

The goal is 30 and we hope she can hit that tonight.

With her PT this afternoon, she got into a crawling position on her own and took two more “crawling steps.”

Plus, Mom said she’s constantly pulling up on people and things.

She’s so ready to get moving… hopefully UP AND OUT of the hospital soon.

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