She’s very proud of her ability to pull up. (Don’t worry, her parents are on both sides ready to grab her)

Fun fact: You can tell Mom is back at the hospital simply by how she’s dressed. 

You might also notice that she only has one “cord” attached to her.

They capped her lines today at noon! Why?

All of her meds have been moved to oral.

Plus, you may recall that they took her TPN down to 12 hours, so it was turned off at 9am.She has one more night of 12 hr TPN, and then she’s off it for good!!

I know y’all have already noticed the NG Tube too.

Mom asked them to just put it in so we can get her home.

It was a 4hr process, which Avery slept most of the way through, to get the tube positioned.

We asked that it be pushed through her stomach and into her intestine in order to avoid any more damage to her gut.

The process is a bit more involved because the tube is pushed to the bottom of the stomach and then “nature” takes its course to pull it further down.

Hence the long process today. But, it’s in and she is able to eat orally as much as she can and they can push the rest through the tube.

She hit 11 oz yesterday and we need to hit 24 oz before she can come home.

Of course, this will be our top priority this week: pushing to 24 oz!

Beyond feeding and oral meds, the next thing she’ll need before going home is her port.

They’ll remove her Central Line and put a port in for home.

She’ll be able to take an actual bath for the first time since she was 7 weeks old!

And that’s just the beginning of all the fun new things she’ll be able to do once she goes home.

Continuing to BELIEVE we can get her home S O O N!

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