BMT DAY +119

We’re grateful for sunshine and warm temps today!

A cold front moves through this weekend, so we had to get Avery outside in her swing.

Instagram Reel:

And, as you can see, she loved it!

It’s not in this video (or I wouldn’t have put the music over it), but while Sister was pushing her, she had big belly laughs.

It was the greatest sound ever, out of both of them, but we were living in the moment and don’t capture it.

I’m sure we’ll hear many more in the days and weeks ahead.

As for the rest of Avery’s day, her GI appointment was quick and easy this morning.

Her GI Specialist said she looks great and “doesn’t want to see her again.”

That’s what all the specialists and ICU nurses have told us along the way. We’re in complete agreement.

He also got a belly laugh out of her while feeling her tummy.

After clinic, which was very early this morning, she took a 4 hour nap and has been relaxing at home.

We’re hoping for continued good days over the weekend… always and forever.

Next week she FINALLY goes to one a day clinic! No more three day clinic weeks.

Going to keep enjoying these two sisters being able to spend their days swinging and laughing together.

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