So Many New Milestones

This girl! She’s growing up so fast right now.

Not only is she trying to stand up and walk, but today she said her first official word!


And look at that hair coming in!

Agh. So many great things.

Hopefully the trend continues as we await results from today’s biopsy.

A representative of the BMT team came to talk with Mom & Dad today.

It’s A LOT of information. Seriously. A LOT.

We’ll get more into those details as they come.

One interesting note: DYK males are often picked over females for donating?


A woman who has been pregnant has been exposed to HLA that is not hers (the baby carries 50 per cent of the father’s genetic code, including HLA), and her immune system has responded with effector cells and antibodies that she now carries in her blood. This higher sensitivity in a previously pregnant donor increases the likelihood of graft vs host disease, a potentially serious complication where the donor immune cells attack the cells, tissues and organs of the recipient.


Otherwise, tons of info on side effects, medicines, sanitation measures, and clinic schedules over the next three years!

And, well, we’re starting the countdown to bone marrow transplant.

Avery has all but two things to mark off her pre-transplant checklist.

  1. lung capacity test she’s too young for
  2. dental appointment to check for cavities, etc (she barely has 2 teeth, so we’re unsure if she’ll have this one)

As long as her biopsy results come back favorable, we’re tentatively on schedule for transplant to be on 10/14.

FOUR days before her first birthday.

For now, we wait…

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