Look Who Now Has Two Front Teeth

First, look at those front two teeth!

Seriously. Love when those little teeth start to emerge!

Second, take note of her super cute and ridiculously soft new pajamas.

A BIG thanks to Free Birdees for sending Avery these cute Halloween prints.

Sassy Avi in her FreeBirdees Halloween print

Not only are they hypoallergenic, breathable, and perfect for both the hot and cold, they’re also eco-friendly.

If you want to grab these spooky prints you’ll want to hurry. All of the #FreeBirdeesFlock prints are LIMITED EDITION and they don’t reprint once they sell out!

You’ll also notice Avery is showing off her beautiful smile. She’s feeling better today. Her last glucose check was 154!

The bad news?

She most likely won’t be leaving the hospital before her transplant.

Because she can’t tell us when she feels bad (and, for those asking, they’re not sure she warrants a CGM at this point) they want to have her stay inpatient.

Definitely not what we were expecting or hoping for, but it is what it is. Her safety and well-being are top priority.

Big Sis loves her Avi

Big Sis is really missing her Avi, as well as Mom and Dad.

So, Papa and I are at the hospital with Avery tonight so they can spend time with sister.

We’re going to request a one or two day leave, but not sure it’ll be approved, but we can hope.

For now we’re going to make it work and prepare for spending the next 3 months or so here. Keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers as we head into transplant phase.

OH! But first, she has her biopsy on Tuesday and everything going forward depends on those results.

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