BMT DAY +158

Avery has always loved this old typewriter on our desk.

This is see her on July 4th last year typing away.

BMT DAY + 158 3

When Mom brings her into our office, Avi zeroes in on those keys and does all she can to propel herself that direction.

You can see by the huge smile on her face how excited she gets about finally sitting in front of it.

Of course, this has only started up again over the past week.

It’s another one of those “little things” that we’re seeing in her that reminds us of pre-transplant Avery.

Love watching her return more and more back to “normal.”

BMT DAY + 158 3

Overall, she’s still doing well.

Mom said Avi was pretty restless last night as far as sleep went.

She’s itching a lot (she scratches at her belly and back), so we’ll be sure to ask about her Skin GVHD tomorrow at clinic.

Beyond the itching though, she she’s still smiling, laughing, and dancing.

Speaking of tomorrow’s clinic, we’ll see what the doctors say about her wean.

We’re getting so close to the end of this wean, but don’t want to rush her and mess anything up.

Oh, we’ve had a couple people ask us about writing a book… but it looks like Avery’s already on it! 

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