BMT DAY -2 | She's Already Done

Want to know the only word Avery has picked up signing so far?


She is so over all of it.

Sometimes, as soon as the nurses walk in the room, she puts both hands up and signs, “done.”

You can see a video of her doing it here.

If they try to hold her limbs for any reason, she pokes them and signs, “done.”

This morning, we had to take off all of her leads, bandaids, clothes, and central line dressing.


She started Thiotepa today which permeates through the pores.

If it gets stuck under something she is wearing, it can burn her skin.

She gets two doses.

One was this morning; the other is at 9pm tonight.

She also has to have baths every 6 hours until tomorrow night. 24 hours after her last dose.

So far today, she’s been doing well with it.

Plus, thanks to Ativan, she’s still eating well.

Tomorrow she has one more medicine and then Thursday…IT’S TRANSPLANT DAY!

That will come with a whole set of new emotions. We’ll discuss that later.

For now, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

ALSO please pray for her donor!

They are making their own sacrifices this week in order to give Avery a chance at a cancer-free life.

We’re eternally grateful for her bone marrow donor!


If you’d like to join the registry with Be The Match, you can easily click this link or text everyavery to 61474

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