BMT DAY +124

Someone woke up in a good mood at clinic today.

She was even able to visit some of her favorite BMT nurses today.

Normally she’s napping (clinic days make for early mornings) and they don’t get to make any visits.

Luckily, she was a happy baby and her nurses enjoyed spending a minute with her.

As far as clinic, all of her labs looked great!

They’re going to push her Methadone wean out to Monday rather than today.

That gives her about a week and a half between dropping the dosage. This extends her recovery time.

So, drop date. 48 hours before symptoms start. Another 48 hours of symptoms. Then a couple of good days before beginning the cycle again.

Slow and steady.”

She received her TMA infusion and they’ve sent her labs to Cincinnati to see if she can stop the infusions.

Reminder: this is the $30K per dose medication

They’ve also stopped another stomach medicine and are weaning her off one other med.

Stopping the TMA med would be a big win and, altogether, it’s great to see her medication list dwindle down.

She came home on 14 different medicines.

Oh, plus her weight was up! She’s almost back to her pre-BMT weight!

Keep going, Avi!

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