Thank You BMT Care Team!

We’re not sure there will never be enough words to express how grateful we are for our BMT care team.

Most of these nurses have been with us since our first round of chemo.

They’ve not only cared for Avery, but they’ve walked with us through some of our toughest days.

They’ve held our hands, wrapped us in their arms, told us how strong we are, and advocated for Avery right alongside us.

They’ve laughed, silently wept, and cheered us on.

Most importantly, they’ve LOVED Avery. Without reprieve.

They made hospital life—for months on end—bearable.

Offered to watch/hold Avery for food and coffee breaks.

They’ve become not only some of our best friends, but family.

Although we’ll miss seeing them often, we won’t miss the reason we saw them so often.

To each of our nurses, techs, therapists, nurse practitioners and entire care team… THANK YOU.

From the bottom of our hearts.

We could have never got through the past year without you.

Your job is selfless and we could not be more grateful to have each of you be a part of Avery’s journey.

You are the most special people and deserve the heartiest thank you for all you do.

We love y’all!

Avery & family

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