Avery’s day started bright and early with PT… and before lunch had already completed both OT and Speech as well.

The big news for the day?

They’ve stopped her stomach medication!

She can start PediaSure tomorrow.

Her GI Doctor is incredibly pleased with her progress and has her follow-up endoscopy scheduled for next Wednesday.

He said he has consulted with the GI Team in Boston, some of which he has personally trained, and they all agree the current treatment plan is the correct one for her.

He also said he has no problem calling them again if he feels something isn’t working and they need to come up with a new plan.

Overall, we’re all happy with her progress, and grateful we could stay near home.

The BMT team says her rash looks to be improving and appears to be a textbook case of Skin GVHD.

They’ll continue monitoring it over the next few days.

Otherwise her hemoglobin has continued to stay steady and she hasn’t needed a transfusion in over a week!

All good news!

Keep believing with us that she continues to make progress and we can get her home soon!

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