BMT DAY -1 | I am Courageous

Nothing about transplant is easy. But this sweet baby is a MIGHTY WARRIOR!

She’s still doing the baths every 6 hours due to the Thiotepa.

Waking up at 3am for a bath wasn’t fun for anyone involved, but she eventually went back to sleep.

Today’s been another chill day.

All of her meds, low counts, and this gloomy day makes for a lazy day.

I think we’re all grateful for some time to rest before tomorrow.

Speaking of, we don’t have a timeline for how things will go tomorrow.

Transplant Day

There’s definitely a lot of emotions going into tomorrow.

We’re mostly anxious about the days and weeks post-transplant.

Thursday will bring anticipation, hope, stress, and gratefulness all at once.

And that’s just to name a few.

Therefore, continue to lift Avery up.

  • Pray she gets some rest tonight (the baths stop at 9pm) and feels well tomorrow.
  • Pray for Mom & Dad as they begin this journey alongside Avery.
  • Pray for Big Sis and the rest of our family at home.
  • Pray for Avery’s donor; a young man who is selflessly giving to give Avery her best chance at a cancer-free future.

There will never be enough words to say, “THANK YOU!”

Until tomorrow…

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