It's Transplant Day... Hopefully

I know y’all are waiting for updates…

But, honestly, so are we!

We found out upon waking that Avery’s donor is in the North East.

He is donating there today, then his liquid marrow will be transported (flown) here to a nearby Carter BloodCare center.

There, it will be processed for transplant.

Avery’s donor, some of you may recall, is a different blood type than she is.

Therefore, they will need to pull the red blood cells from his marrow before the transplant procedure can begin.

Yes, her blood type will change to his.

Once the hospital gets the marrow, the transplant team will be ready to go!

Only thing is, we have no idea what time that is going to be.

They are “predicting” between 7 to 9pm tonight.


They might wait until tomorrow morning.

We’re truly hoping it gets done today.

I’m not sure our anxiety and anticipation can handle one more day.

Do you watch football?

I know crazy question, but it’s all I can think to relate it to right now.

Where the kicker is all geared up to kick the winning point and the other team calls a timeout!

Yeah. We don’t want them to do that here.

Anyways, we’re still waiting. Trying to relax as much as we can.

Avery, thankfully, has no idea she’s waiting on anything, so she’s just doing her normal thing.

And seems to be having an “okay” day doing it.

I’ll update again when we get any NEW news.

Thank you for all the comments, messages, and texts. Each one makes us stronger.

Keep lifting up our sweet girl. Wishing, hoping and praying this is her cure!

7:06pm UPDATE

We’ve been told by Avery’s nurse that the pre-meds are scheduled for 9pm.

They typically start those at least 30 minutes prior to the chemo.

Pre-meds normally consist of Tylenol, Benadryl, and a steroid.

These help with any pain, allergic reactions, and other side effects that could possibly be caused by the medicines.

Hopefully this means the infusion will run while Avery sleeps.

They predict it will run for about 45 minutes to an hour.

She’ll wake up “a new person.”

I’ll update again when we know for certain.

Please keep lifting her up!

waiting for Avery to come out of mom's belly
One Year Ago

Coincidentally, 1 year ago today, we were up with Mom counting contractions.

Avery had been giving Mom all sorts of crazy times over the past few days.

We walked miles and miles, and tried every trick in my doula playbook to get her out!

Nothing worked. Until Avery was ready.

All day today we’ve been (sorta patiently) waiting for her liquid marrow to arrive in Dallas and get processed.

10:30pm CDT UPDATE

Well, it seems it’s ALMOST time!

The marrow is on its way to Avery!

I’ll try to update once again when it arrives and they get started.

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