The good news? We were able to take the CPAP mask off!

Avery is on heated high-flow oxygen with a nose cannula now and doing well.

She was a little weak when we first sat her up, but worked her way up to dancing (just a little) before taking a nap.

Overall, she’s improving.

Her infection is clearing.

The fluid is coming off.

Her stats look good.

The only thing the doctors are still watching and concerned with at the moment is her hemoglobin.

Her numbers keep taking a drop for some reason and they haven’t quite figured out the reason why yet.

Other than some blisters and marks left by the mask , she seems to be making great strides.

Now Mom on the other hand.

She’s been in the ER for almost 24 hours. Yes. The ER.

No beds available apparently.

Her overnight stay was a nightmare.

Today has been only slightly better.

They’re currently on scan #3 of her CT Scan with contrast to look for a bowel obstruction.

This is after 2 other ERs sent her home telling her it was nothing but “stress.”

It’s been a lot. It started on Monday evening and we still don’t have answers.

Please pray they can get her pain under control and find the root of the problem. And that it’s something that can be “easily fixed.”

This week has been a lot for our family.

We’re so grateful Avery is on the mend, now we need to get Mom better.

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