When we say Avery is putting in the work, she’s PUTTING IN THE WORK.

She has Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

Each one playing an integral part of helping her become stronger and meet milestones that can get her home.

Most importantly, her Speech Therapist is working on using the Honey Bear Bottle to get more formula into her.

Our goal is 24 oz a day. She’s currently at 6oz, with full TPN.

But, tonight’s TPN will be 18 hours.

They’ll give her extra fluids because she’ll be NPO for Thursday’s procedure, but we’re hoping to get more ounces in her afterwards.

Speaking of the procedure, she’ll have an endoscopy only (no colonoscopy).

They said they want to go in “quickly” and make sure everything looks fine without disrupting the healing process.

She had blood this morning, but it’s been just over a week, so still not a cause for concern.

Hopefully we can talk about coming home once we get Thursday’s results.

You know what we’re going to ask…


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