Blood counts

No blood or platelets needed today.

  • WBC: 1.6
  • Hgb: 7.8
  • Platelets: 61
  • Uric acid: 4.4
  • Potassium: 5.8
  • Phosphorus: 5.4
  • ANC: 0.53
  • Blasts: 4.3

They’re still watching Uric acid and potassium numbers. May restart Uric acid meds and start a potassium one as well if they keep trending upwards.

Has started blood pressure medicine after this weekend’s episode.

Pain could have caused her BP to rise on Saturday, but they can’t be sure it wasn’t medicine, so observing.

Still considering stopping IV fluids. This weekend’s feedings were off due to the insomnia/pain episode on Saturday and catching up on sleep on Sunday.

She’s sleepy this morning after an “off-night” in the hospital, but otherwise good.

Therapy is progressing well so far.

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