What is a Blast

Potassium is trending upward, so they may give her meds to help those flush out of the body quicker.

  • WBC: 2.1
  • Hgb: 7.5
  • Platelets: 73
  • Uric acid: 3.4
  • Potassium: 5.6
  • Phosphorus: 5.7
  • ANC: 0.61
  • Blasts: 8.3

ANC, as expected, fell more. This number is most likely becoming more accurate as the chemo kills off the bad cells that have basically been masquerading as good ones.

The Doctor calls them “liars.”

Blasts are a new number that will now become watched more closely as we head into the next few weeks of chemo.

Blasts are abnormal immature white blood cells that prevent production of other cells important for survival.

She did have platelets to help boost the number and Mom predicts she’ll have at least one bag of blood by tomorrow as her hemoglobin continues to drop.

Avery had a lot of pain yesterday that was coupled with insomnia. They believe the insomnia could have been an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used during the LP attempt.

Because of course she would be the 1% that doesn’t fall asleep to it. She’s been wide eyed and alert since birth!

They eventually tried morphine for the body aches she was having (a side effect of the chemo as it kills off the blood cells in the bone marrow is pain in bones and joints).

The morphine only seemed to help for a short time, and still wasn’t helping her sleep.

Early this morning they added Tylenol with Codeine to her pain regimen and that actually seems to help.

This morning she was back to her more happy self and was even able to be put down without crying out in pain.

Plus, as I was talking to Mom, Avery quietly fell asleep in her bouncer. It’s the most calm she’s been in the past 25 hours.

The team is trying to determine the best pain management regimen for her, so we hope this works.

They’re honestly not always sure how to administer medicines (how much, which ones) simply because of her age.

She’s easily the youngest on the floor and this type of Leukemia is normally diagnosed in children 2 years or older.

Lastly, keep Mom and Dad in your prayers.

They both hit a breaking point yesterday and are anxious about having to split up tomorrow when they have to go to only one person in the room.

They’re going to need a lot of emotional support through the next several weeks.

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