infant just diagnosed with Leukemia

Avery slept good the first half of the night and had some bad gas early this morning.

But, she slept in her crib for about 4 hours, so Mom & Dad were able to get a good stretch of sleep for the first time too.

She’s a little cranky this morning, but is happy sitting up and looking around.

Her numbers still look good today so no platelets or anything today, yet. She hasn’t had any platelets in 36 hours so that’s great!

  • WBC – 23.9
  • hemoglobin – 7.9
  • platelets – 31
  • uric acid – 1.1
  • potassium – 3.9

Besides the hemoglobin, WBC, and platelets, they watch the Uric acid (goal is between 1-2) and potassium numbers.

As the meds kill off the bad cells, they watch these numbers to make sure they’re not going up.

That would indicate the “bad stuff” isn’t flushing out of the body and they would need to do it manually.

This is why they weigh each diaper and keep a close eye on her output.

The fact that she has been nursing really well with plenty of full diapers seems to be doing it’s job well in this regard.

She had her 3 oral meds this morning: antibiotic, steroids, and pneumonia prevention.

Mom will be coming home today to see Big Sis before everything picks up tomorrow with their regular Oncologist back on campus.

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