BMT DAY +163

As much as Avery loves to swing… she also loves having Ry swinging next to her.

She saw Big Sister jumping on the trampoline and decided she wanted to do that too.

After all, Avi is getting to the point where she feels she can do anything Ry does.

The trampoline isn’t shaded and can get warm quickly, whereas the sun aggravates Avery’s GVHD, so we couldn’t take her to Ry.

Instead, Riley got off the trampoline and came to Avery.

You can see how excited she was to have Ry come back to the swing set. And Ry was just as content to push Avi and swing beside her.

We relish every smile, every bit of laughter, every ounce of love these two share.

This is what we’ve dreamed of over the past 2 years: 2 sisters just being sisters.

Oh, and Avery is still doing well!

No adverse reactions from her wean and continuing to thrive at home!

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