After another week in ICU, it’s nice to have Avery back in BMT and ready to play.

Just being able to get her out of the bed more is healing for everyone.

She loves to be held and to cuddle… to smile and to laugh.

She did wake up with a swollen face this morning which we’ve been chasing all day. We’re trying to figure out why she’s retaining fluids (again) the day we get out of ICU.

After digging, her nurse thinks it could be the blood she received today (the volume vs. time period given).

Otherwise, we’re also still watching her fluctuating hemoglobin. It was 8.2 last night and down to 7.5 this morning.

This, paired with her dirty diapers has them watching her close again.

We hope to take the NG Tube back out tomorrow and see if that helps her gut.

Plus, if we can get her eating more orally, we can come down on her TPN and that will also reduce her fluid volume.

Our concern is seeing the same cycle we’ve seen that last 2 times we’ve ended up in ICU.

We’re hopeful that tomorrow we can come up with a plan to be more reactive so we can stay ahead of both issues.

For now, we’re focusing on how well she’s done today (still on 2L O2 through the nose cannula) and are hopeful we can get things resolved soon.


She’s at the hospital with Avery today. Doing a little better, but still healing.

Please keep lifting Avery (and Mom) up!

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