Bone Marrow Biopsy

This is why we’re late updating today. We wanted to confirm the 10% the Oncologist mentioned this morning.

  • WBC: 1.5
  • Hgb: 9.5
  • Platelets: 81
  • ANC: 110
  • Blasts: 10

We weren’t sure on the exact numbers until we got the lab print out this afternoon.

Obviously, this isn’t news we wanted to hear today. The Dr said it’s “concerning.”

We’re curious if it is something wrong in the lab results. Or, perhaps we’re praying that’s what it is.

Nonetheless, Avery is having her next scheduled LP tomorrow.

If the blasts show up in tomorrow morning’s lab report, they will also do a Bone Marrow Biopsy to get a baseline for where we’re at.

We know that Avery is doing well by all other reports.

She is still smiling. Cooing. Eating.

In fact, she gained more weight again today!

We know that her spine was clear with last week’s LP.

We know her kidneys are “beautiful” per this week’s renal scan.

So, we’re going to pray for no blasts tomorrow. Or at least we’d like to see it back down to a minimal number.

It wouldn’t be the first time a number jumped up like that only to come right back down.

Specific prayer requests:

  • minimal to NO blasts tomorrow
  • no infections
  • continued weight gain

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