Blood counts
  • WBC: 1.8
  • Hgb: 10.1
  • Platelets: 105
  • ANC: 0.10
  • Blasts: ZERO

Good news we can learn from the numbers:

  • hemoglobin is in double digits for the first time since we started
  • ANC has come up (a little, but still, any trend up is good)
  • Blasts are at ZERO for the second day in a row

The team is still consulting with colleagues to find a solution for the LPs. Hope to have a solution soon.

They were watching her blood pressure over the past couple of days and decided to try a new BP med. They started that last night, so we’ll see if it helps her numbers trend downwards.

They did a sonogram of Avery’s kidneys last night and said everything looked completely fine.

Finally, they started her on a special formula last night to help with her weight gain.

She slept really well and seems to be in good spirits today.

Pray the numbers keep trending in the right direction, we continue to stay infection-free, they figure out the LPs, and Avery is in full remission soon!

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