Avery induction chemo

Hospital Policy

Afternoon update:

  • Blood counts are stable.
  • Doesn’t need meds for uric acid right now.
  • Lowered IV fluids to normal range since her fluid output is doing good.
  • Heart ECHO tomorrow to get a base line before starting “big meds.”
  • Expect WBC to go to zero around 7 days after starting big meds. Stay zero until after meds stop. Give it a week to build back up and then bone marrow biopsy to look for leukemia cells in newly generated cells.
  • TERM TO KNOW: Absolute neutrophil count (ANC) – less than 500 means you’re at risk for infection (currently at 1,000-1,800)

The hospital staff has decided they can both stay through next Monday, then they could only allow one of them in the room.

Current hospital policy, due to COVID, only allows one parent.

They’re trying to balance the delicacy of having an infant with cancer (the youngest on the floor) and being fair and safe for the other patients.

Mom & Dad are trying to find a way to stay somewhere close so they can trade off easier, plus be able to see Big Sister more often.

If anyone has any connections or ideas for a place near Children’s Hospital Dallas, we’d love to hear about them.

(They’re already looking into Ronald McDonald House. COVID restrictions have changed things there as well).

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