Will We Go to CAR-T or Bone Marrow Transplant

“It is only during a storm that a tree knows how strong it is.”

– Matshona Dhliwayo

Avery just started her high dose chemo at 8:30pm.

She will have 4 days of Cytarabine and 4 days of the other medicine (Mitoxantrone). They’ll have 2 days of overlap.

The chemo will run for 6 days. Then we wait for her numbers to come back up before our next steps.

Hopefully we’ll know more about that tomorrow.

We still don’t know the percentage of leukemia cells in her bone marrow.

And if AML is present.

Regardless, this chemo protocol is known to work on either.

We just need to know if we go to CAR-T or bone marrow transplant after this round.

Please pray Avery doesn’t get too sick with this round.

The high doses are expected to cause fevers and leave her feeling crummy.

And we’re all sad when Avery is sad.

Finally, pray for remission. That is now, once again, the goal.

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