Happily Ever Avery


Sorry for the delay today, there was some uncertainty in a few things this morning, but we have now have some confirmation from the Doctor.

Results from lumbar puncture came back inconclusive. They saw a few leukemia cells, but aren’t sure they were not introduced with the needle during the procedure.

The Doctor talked with her associates and they have decided if it’s in there it could be a minute amount.

They may decide to do a spinal tap on Day 8 (Thursday) because her next one isn’t scheduled until Day 15 and he doesn’t want to wait that long.

This means Avery can eat this morning.

WBC count was a bit high this morning (40.2), so they’ll do another draw in 4 hours and watch the numbers from that one. If they continue to trend up, we may start big meds on Wednesday.

Other numbers for today:

  • hgb: 6.8
  • platelets: 53
  • uric acid: 4
  • potassium: 4

She already had a bag of blood this morning and will have a dose of meds for her uric acid as well.

Keep praying!

Avery has been responding well to the meds so far and we’d like to see that trend continue.


Evening labs are in. WBC is back down to 20!

The Doctor said he couldn’t understand why the numbers were that high and they now think they may have been tested or entered incorrectly. Big meds still start on Thursday.

Avery is in a good mood this evening with Dada and Big Sister is enjoying her time visiting with Momma.

Yay for more good news!

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