mom and dad finally seeing big sis

They just took Avery down for the PICC line and spinal tap. They said it should take 3-4 hours, plus any post-op time.

The oncologist still can’t confirm the type because the lab doesn’t have those results yet.

She also told them they fully expect to see some of the leukemia in Avery’s spinal cord.

In infants, that’s a common place for the cells to migrate to in the beginning. She wants to make sure we go in with that expectation.

If there are none there, that would be fantastic. At least we know from the CT scan last night it’s not in her brain.

Mom and Dad are headed to a hotel for the evening so they can get some rest and shower while Avery is with the NICU team this evening. We’re meeting them there so they can spend time with Big Sister.

We’ll update everyone once Avery is through the procedure.


Avery is back in her room. Everything went well with the procedure. She is sleeping now. They just took some labs to check everything to see if they can remove her tube.

Mom and Dad don’t want to see her intubated, so they’re waiting until they take the tube out to head back to the hospital.

Otherwise they’ve enjoyed their time this evening with Big Sis.

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