We Had a Pretty Rough Night

Late last night into early this morning, Mom was texting Papa and I because Avery was having a rough night.

We talked through all the scenarios that could be causing her discomfort and restlessness.

We convinced ourselves it was anything but the “worse case scenario.”

It’s tough to not be triggered based on the events that led us to this point.

So, last night was rough for all of us.

Today, we were given some peace of mind after the doctors came in.

Her liver scan results from yesterday looked great! In fact, they said it was “perfect.”

They’re going to continue to watch and try to determine the reason her numbers are a little high, but we at least know her liver is fine.

Next, the fact that her blood counts aren’t “blasting off” is a good sign as far as any concern over cancer cells growing.

But, the other side of that is her ANC is consistently staying low. It’s at 70 today. (500+ is good, 1000+ is great)

Her platelets dropped down to 16 from 28 yesterday. (300+ is good)

Today, Avery has been uncharacteristically tired. Not lethargic, just fatigued.

In this photo, she wanted to lie down (she’s very good at voicing this) while Mom and I were on the phone.

She stayed just like this the entire duration on the long call and fell asleep right after we hung up.

After several good naps today and a healthy appetite, she seems to be doing well this evening.

We’re praying she has a better night.

Her bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for 9:15am CST tomorrow morning. Please join us in praying for good results.

First, we need them to be able to get a large enough sample to test (her low counts could hinder the collection).

More importantly, the biopsy results will determine each of our next steps in her therapy.

We’re anxious, yet hopeful. Scared, yet encouraged.

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