We Can Do Hard Things

It was a tough night at the hospital.

Avery woke up almost every hour either because she was in pain or a nurse/tech coming in to check on her.

Mom & Dad offered three bottles overnight; she ate 2 oz from the first one, 1 oz from the second, and none of the third.

They haven’t been able to get her to eat yet today. She is refusing her bottles.

So, we aren’t sure if it’s nausea or oral mucositis (mouth sores). The Dr can’t see any visible sores in her mouth, but they can be anywhere in her GI tract.

They are going to try Zofran first. They’ll wait for it to take effect and then try feeding.

If she doesn’t take a bottle, they’ll try Tylenol and an oral mouthwash for the sores next.

This is when it gets tough with babies. They can’t communicate where the pain is.

It will be trial and error today until they can figure out how to get her to eat.

She hasn’t made numbers yet as far as the chemo leaving her body, but they expect her to by the afternoon.

BUT, she can’t leave until she is back to eating 80% of her normal intake.

Therefore, please pray for the team to figure out what is causing her pain, that she is able to eat again soon, and gets to come home today.

Also, please pray for Mom & Dad. They are (understandably) exhausted, stressed, hungry, and missing Big Sis.

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