last dose for round 2

Our “lucky charm” made counts today! That also means Avery will be staying at the hospital overnight.

  • WBC: 2.7
  • Hgb: 7.8
  • Platelets: 135
  • ANC: 1200

She gets her last dose of chemo for this round of therapy, and it’s the type that requires constant IV fluids and observation, hence admission.

Therefore, mom is at the hospital with Avery during the day and dad will stay overnight. (COVID precautions still mean only one parent at a time).

She will also get blood overnight to help boost her numbers, especially with this last chemo dose.

Avery returns to clinic the next two Wednesdays, then another Bone Marrow Biopsy on the 3rd week before starting Round 3: Intra-Maintenance.

The next phase of therapy will require hospital admissions off-and-on that will each be a few days long. It will last (at least) 6 weeks depending on pauses due to low counts.

That phase only prepares us for the 4th, and most difficult phase, of her therapy: Delayed Intensification.

To summarize, our specific prayer requests:

  • no infections
  • no side effects from chemo
  • labs and procedures continue to show no sign of cancer

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