Sensitive Content Warning

We absolutely want to be mindful of (first) our fellow cancer parents and (second) to those who don’t like the sight of blood.

I can assure you, it’s been heartbreaking with every picture, video, or FaceTime call today from Mom.


Avery basically woke up today in a puddle of blood mixed with hair. Her hair is falling out pretty quickly this time.

Even worse, her poor throat is so torn up from the Mucositis. She had to be suctioned out several times last night, as well as today.

Her O2 stats began dropping today because there was so much “gunk” in her throat that she couldn’t take a good breath.

Afterwards, she was suctioned and a HUGE ball of bloody mucus came out. (I’ll spare y’all that photo).

Her low platelets + chemo sensitive skin + aggressive rubbing are bruising her poor little face.

Mom and Dad are doing their best to keep her hands away from her face, but it’s a constant battle.

Even when she attempts to take a nap, she’s still rubbing and incredibly restless.

baby with cancer sleeping holding xylophone stick

The picture of her napping here? Yeah.

It only lasted about 10 minutes after she had mucus caught in her throat again. Then she was up with a sad, sleepy face.

Why show you these pictures?


We constantly stress how important it is for us to educate and inform. This is the real stuff behind-the-screen many don’t see.

Yesterday, Mom was accused of “faking her daughter’s cancer” for money.

Y’all, pick any one of us in our family and we’d gladly trade places with her.

NO BABY (child, teen, adult, really) should ever have to go through this.

I’d like this person to come spend one day at the hospital with Avery and see if she’s faking it.

Anyways, there have been medication changes, labs, all sorts of talks today on how to help alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Really praying they are on the right path now. It’s so hard to watch her struggle.

Please keep lifting her up. We want engraftment to come soon. The right mix of meds to give her comfort and rest. There’s a whole list of requests that you can gather from today’s post.

Speak them all!

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