BMT DAY +10 and a half

Long story short, last night wasn’t much better… in fact may have been even worse.

Sensitive content warning for photos past the first slide

From Mom at 5:22am:

“Been a long night. I slept for a while but dad just went to sleep. He’s stayed up all night with Avery and they were busy, but he didn’t wake me up.

Paul’s (NP) here tonight. He came by twice I think he said. Paul is trying to figure out why Avi is holding fluids and has a high heart rate.

They were doing a pain med blocker to help the itching (small dose), but it was blocking too much of the pain meds. So they stopped those. Itching seems to have been better.

If he doesn’t push it, she starts getting really restless and is arching her back and her heart rate goes up.

They had a chest X-ray done. I think it was to check for fluids in her lungs.

They are also going to check her kidneys because she had blood in one of her diapers.

Paul said the Lasix can damage the kidneys if used to often because “it’s like ringing a dry towel”.

She also had the oxygen tube blowing at her face to help her breathe or else her O2 will drop to high 70’s.

Her heart rate looks better right now as she’s sleeping. It’s in the 140s.

Her platelets are like 8 or something again. So we can’t suction unless we really have too. Don’t want her bleeding again.

Her Hgb is 8.2 so she’ll definitely need some tomorrow, but not today.

This is a freaking nightmare.”

Please keep lifting Avery up! Pray, send positive vibes, run crystals, shout out the the universe… whatever it takes to help our sweet girl.

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