infant with blisters on face due to itching after bmt

Y’all. We knew it was going to get rough. But these last 2 days have been something else.

Let’s talk about all the good though!

First, look at these numbers:

  • WBC: 0.2
  • ANC: 110

This means engraftment is starting! That’s good news!

Of course, engraftment can bring a whole new set of side effects, but we’re trying to focus on one day at a time.

Next, Avery finally had a bit more urine output and bowel movements. Again, good news!

The mucus is already starting to improve.

She hasn’t been itching as much this afternoon/evening.

She was able to get a few decent naps in.

BMT DAY + 11 with xylophone stick

And notice that xylophone stick? That has become her new “security” toy. She LOVES it.

Finally, she received platelets this morning and will likely need blood tomorrow…and maybe platelets again.

(Yes, this is normal at this point. Platelets are the last cells to come in during engraftment).

I think the main stress at this point is her distended belly. Mom is carefully watching for any signs of VOD.

Veno-occlusive disease (VOD) happens when the small blood vessels leading into, and inside, the liver become blocked. It is caused by the high doses of chemo given prior to transplant.

At this point, the care team believes it’s from her fluid retention.

We’re hoping that is the reason behind it, but will continue to watch for other symptoms of VOD.

Please continue to lift her up.

The Mucositis is improving, but not gone.

She was able to take her remaining oral meds a little easier today.

Her poor skin on her face needs to heal.

And pray for Mom and Dad to get some rest: emotionally and physically.

.As always, we’re grateful you’re here and appreciate all of your support for our sweet girl.

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