Happily Ever Avery We Caught a Smile Today!

We caught a smile!

Sure, it was completely drug-induced, but I was crying when I captured it and Mom & Dad cried when I shared it.

It’s a small win, but we’ll celebrate every one!

Speaking of wins, Avery has now been fever-free for well over 24 hours!

And there’s more:

They stopped her Tylenol today and will see how she does without it.

They are beginning to wean her off the morphine. She only gets it every 8 hours now.

The swelling in her right hand has gone down and the color is returning. (Her forearm and hand were both discolored -red/purple- this week).

She’s awake and eating more.

As for the drug-induced smile today, that came when they began anesthesia meds for her PICC line procedure.

Yesterday we mentioned that her line had shifted, and today they went in to fix it.

They fixed it this morning, took an X-ray in recovery, and it had shifted again!

So, they went in again this afternoon with a different shaped wire, and so far that one seems to be staying put.

They want to continue monitoring her heart over the weekend for any “tickles” the new line may cause. (They literally said it could tickle the top of her heart).

But, we’re hoping she gets to go home on Monday if everything looks well this weekend.

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