New PICC Line in Her Arm Today

It’s been quite a busy Saturday.

As we mentioned yesterday, Avery had to get a new PICC line today.

After looking at her site, scanning her arms, and thinking about how the lines would be used over the next month, the team decided to put a temporary PICC line in her right arm.

This line will allow them to do blood draws, as well as give her IV fluids and blood products.

We’re not sure she’s going to like the new placement, but it was the best option for now.

She’ll get a new one before her CAR-T infusion.

The featured picture above is her this morning as we waited for her to go downstairs for the procedure. She did amazingly well considering she hasn’t eaten since 1:30am due to an NPO order.

infant with face mask in hospital bed with a toy

This face mask picture is her pre-procedure. She had to get platelets before going to the IR for her new line. Her platelets were down to 42, so it was necessary (platelets help her blood clot).

And this last picture is Big Sis. We began packing up their apartment for their move on Monday.

toddler sitting on a stack of moving boxes

They’ll be about 12 minutes from the hospital rather than 45 minutes away as we are now. So that will be super helpful in allowing Mom & Dad to leave the hospital more often, and see Big Sis daily.

Finally, her ANC is almost completely depleted. It didn’t show on her lab results, but the Doctor said it was at 20.

We even saw the CAR-T Doctor today and he said the low ANC typically lasts, on average, around 35 days.

Please continue to pray we don’t have any more infections or other issues arise over the next month.

And that the move goes smoothly on Monday. We have a 50% chance of rain and a flight of stairs to carry everything up.

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