BMT DAY +106

The second Papa slid her down into the swing and gave her a slight push, her entire face radiated with joy.

She had the biggest, open-mouth smile we’ve seen in months.

The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and she had a smile on her face.

Big Sis was swinging beside her and, together, they were smiling, giggling, and enjoying the time.

Afterward, we took a walk around their new community and then back home so she could eat.

Other than keeping Mom & Dad up from 10pm-4am last night (she apparently wasn’t sleepy then), Avery’s had a pretty good day.

The new swing was simply the highlight!

Instagram Reel:

Her appetite is picking up nicely and she is enjoying her food now.

In fact, last night, she even said, “ood.” (Food)

Today she tried frozen yogurt bites and a couple pouches of baby food.

PLUS… no vomiting or watery stools!

As we’ve said several times before, we really believe it was the Tube making her so nauseous.

Everything changed when it came out.

She goes back on Monday to reevaluate and check her weight gain over the weekend.

Hopefully we can continue moving forward without the tube.

Keep going, Avi! You got this.


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