BMT DAY +156

❝I love you still
And you know I always will
Till the end of time❞

Beyond Avery’s health, the thing we’re most excited about is watching these two bond.

They only had 7 weeks before Avery’s diagnosis.

Then, over the past year, Avery was only home for small stretches at a time.

This has been one of the longest stretches for the two of them–with Avery feeling well.

And as much as Ry loves taking care of Avery, Avi loves watching her Big Sister.

They laugh, dance, and play together.

Not to mention, they love to hug and are so incredibly sweet to each other…

at least for now.

As for Avery today, she’s still doing well.

She’s been in the best mood and isn’t showing any adverse withdrawal symptoms.

Easily one of the best weeks for Avery since she’s been home.

Thank you all for continuing to BELIEVE in her.

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