Papa got Avery dressed this morning and had a little photo shoot.

The picture below is my absolute FAVORITE outtake.

BMT DAY +79 best outtake smile

Avery and Papa have had a lazy Sunday at the hospital; which is a great thing!

Playing, dancing, and just passing time together.

Not to mention, EATING!

She’s already had 3oz and still has one more feed tonight.

Again, we’re taking whatever we can get with her feedings and excited about her progress.

Her gains each day are just what she needs to keep doing.

The team has decided the blood found in her diaper this week was most likely an old clot leftover from her previous procedure.

They don’t think she’s having an active bleed based on no more bloody stools and steady hemoglobin levels.

She will most likely need blood overnight or tomorrow, but she’s still only needing one transfusion a week.

This is perfectly normal for her transplant status.

We’ll continue to work on upping her feeds each day and see what the GI Team says after Thursday’s endoscopy.

Hoping all is well, she’s eating more, and she can come home SOON!!

Keep believing with us.

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