Healing Prayer

Avery is now in recovery after her biopsy. It was pushed back to 1:30pm, which made for a very trying morning.

  • WBC: 2.1
  • Hgb: 10
  • Platelets: 395
  • ANC: 110
  • Blasts: ZERO

She hasn’t eaten in almost 12 hours, so she’ll be ready to eat as soon as she wakes up.

Preliminary results from the Dr seem encouraging.

She said that the cells they got today “looked good.” Plus, her rise in platelets is a good sign as well.

They will be sending off the cells for three different lab tests. We should have two tomorrow.

The 3rd sample will go to pathology and we won’t get results until at least Monday.

Other than theses results, we need her ANC to continue to trend upwards in order to decide on the timing of her next chemo cycle.

Prayer requests:

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