Let's Go Camping ... Sorta

Look at how happy she is!

We decided to take a last-minute getaway to spend some time with both girls.

While researching nearby places, we discovered North Texas Jellystone Park and WOW!

First, we reached out to explain all of our “needs” with Avery and they had no problem accommodating them.

(Basically, we needed a space away from everyone and things the girls could do).

Booking a couple weekday nights makes meeting those needs a bit easier.

avi loves swinging at jellystone park

We definitely want to come back again when we can do ALL the fun activities!

For the next couple of days, Mom, Dad, Papa and I are simply focused on spending time with the girls.


We’ll get Big Sis out to explore more tomorrow-playgrounds, hiking trails, climbing walls, Ga ga ball, fishing, and so much more!

Avery will do some exploring, but she can’t be outside for too long.


After spending so much time in the hospital, many cancer kids/patients can’t handle too much heat.(Avery will throw up if she gets too much sun)

big sis is excited about her bunk beds at jellystone park

So, thankfully we have a nice 2-story, 2-bedroom cabin with tons of room for Avery to hang out in when she needs a break from the outdoors.

We’re going to soak up the moments and cherish the time we have before she heads back to the hospital Wednesday.

Living in the daily moments to refresh our body and minds as we head into transplant.

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