back on track with chemo

ANC has Rebounded

  • WBC: 3.4
  • Hgb: 5.9
  • Platelets: 108
  • ANC: 1250

It’s been a long day at the hospital today (Avery and Dad are still there), but it’s because she qualified for chemo today!

Luckily Avery’s ANC has rebounded this week, but we still have to remain vigilant about keeping her safe… especially during a pandemic.

Her blood counts were a bit low, so she did receive blood today. (It’s a 4 hour drip which is why they are still there).

Also, they just finished her LP, so now she will have to lie flat for 30 minutes so the chemo inserted during the procedure can make it’s way up the spine.

She’ll start oral chemo meds and her daily shots again tonight at home.

Back on track with chemo.

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