Last Night’s ER Visit Became an Admittance

You never know when the effects of your cancer, your chemo, or anything else will hit.

With babies, you’re asking yourself, is this normal baby stuff? Is it her chemo? Another medication?

Of course, then your PTSD kicks in and you ask yourself, is the cancer back?

Is it a tumor this time? SO.MANY.QUESTIONS. And, unfortunately, when it comes to babies, they can’t communicate what’s wrong.

You and the doctors are left guessing. That’s basically where we are now.

They’ve run a dozen labs. She’s had a CT scan. Her care team is going through every possible scenario.

Right now, they’re watching her blood sugar closely.

They noticed it jumping from 120 (yesterday) down to 43 this afternoon.

It rises and falls as she eats. Sometimes rather quickly.

I am hypoglycemic. Diabetes runs in my family.

But, after asking other infantile cancer parents and doing research, hypoglycemia is a (somewhat) common condition with one of her medications.

Therefore, as mentioned above, they’re checking everything. She now has an endocrinology team added to her specialty doctors.

They are doing finger pricks every couple of hours and monitoring her blood sugar.

She, most likely, will be staying another night as they continue to monitor her.

We have no solid answers yet. Just waiting.

If nothing else, we’re glad it doesn’t appear to be anything alarming (at this point). We’re hoping they find an answer soon and the solution is an easy one.

Until then, please keep lifting up our sweet girl.

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