BMT DAY +19 Morning Update

We can’t thank everyone enough for heeding our call for prayers last night.

A little background:

Mom went home yesterday evening to take a shower and grab a few things. When she arrived back at the hospital at 7:30pm, she was passed by nurses running down the hall.

She had no idea they were running to Avery’s room.

Once inside, she found a handful of nurses around Avi trying to hold her down so that the NP could try to work on stopping the bleed.

Avery was upset and calling out, “Mama.” So Mom went to her side as they worked to calm her, in addition to stopping the bleed.


Avery is well sedated and will remain that way through the day.

They were able to get a small O2 mask on her which is more reliable at getting the oxygen into her (compared to the blow by).

All of her vitals and O2 stats stayed consistent and within normal range overnight.

They’re going to start weaning her off the pain meds today which is exactly what we’ve been asking for!

Her VOD medicine seems to be working well. Her liver numbers still look good and they’ve only drained 175mL from her over the past 24 hours.

They have a powder to use in her face to try to help with the bleeding (unfortunately it opened back up this morning).

Finally, her counts this morning look amazing:

  • WBC: 4.2 (+1.2)
  • Hgb: 11.2 (+2.1)
  • Platelets: 37 (+20)
  • ANC: 2,170 (+580)

Again, THANK YOU all for lifting up our sweet girl last night.

It was an incredibly tense and very frightening experience for us all. We simply can’t wait to get our happy girl back.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as we work to stop the medicines, control the bleed, and focus on getting her well enough to go home!

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