Moving to Ronald McDonald House

Grateful for RMHD

Checking in late today.

The day started early with a call from the Ronald McDonald House. We were approved and were ready for move-in. Sorta.

Quick background checks and COVID tests for everyone (even though we’re all fully vaccinated). Well, two for Mom & Dad.

They were told rapid tests weren’t necessary. Got tested. Found out rapid tests WERE necessary. Got tested again.

That alone made for a very long day.

Otherwise, everyone is tested (and negative), they got checked into the House, and I’ve spent the afternoon/evening with Avery.

So it’s all worked out!

Mom was able to meet with the transplant team just before I arrived at the hospital, so we’ll have more to share on that tomorrow.

I can confirm, for now, that they will begin the harvesting of Avery’s cells on Monday. It’s quite the process from what we were told.

Anyways, more to come.

Today we’re simply grateful for the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas and that they now accept siblings!

And, as crazy as the day was, we’re also grateful for the safety measures they continue to take to keep our kiddos safe and well!

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