Avery received platelets around 1am and will have another this morning to get her count above 100 before beginning chemo today.

  • WBC: 37.4
  • Hgb: 8.8
  • Platelets: 71
  • Uric acid: 3.0
  • Potassium: 4.3

Uric acid is a little low, so she’s still on meds for that.

We’ll start watching ANC numbers as we start her therapy. If it falls below 500, she’s at a greater risk of infection. She is currently at 1.79 (in thousands).

She was nursing when Mom & Dad called this morning and in a really good mood. All smiles.

The LP (spinal tap) should be around 12-1pm today. It will be done in the room and she won’t be put to sleep for it.

No indication of what time they will start the big meds yet. The nurse suggested soon after LP is finished.

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