Fly High, Sweet Friend

Avery had a busy day.

She started chemo before the sun came up.

All sorts of doctors, therapists, nurses, specialists and many other new care team people came by today to introduce themselves, meet Avery, and tell Mom & Dad how they fit into Avery’s care.

The biggest concern for now is nausea and pain management.

It’s all trial and error and we hope to get it figured out soon.

But, today we received the heartbreaking news that our friend, Tiago, earned his wings on Tuesday.

Tiago was Avery’s first friend.

They met during Avery’s first round of chemo and Mom + his Mom have stayed in touch.

The nurses introduced them because of how close the babies were in age.

Tiago was only 3 weeks older than Avery.

He was the only other baby at her 6 month birthday celebration (celebrated in-patient).

He also greeted her after relapse and was so excited to see her the day they were finally able to get together.

Also, notice their matching paci clips?

Avery’s aunt made the clips for them. Tiago loved his!

Typically it was Avery bouncing around to get him when they met up.

Our hearts are shattered. It’s been a physically and emotionally exhausting day.

Please keep Tiago’s family in your prayers as they say goodbye to their sweet boy soon.

Fly high, sweet boy

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